Monday, May 31, 2010

Perspective from the Roller Coaster

You already know that we’re getting a puppy. He’ll be here in less than a week—Cibola Double Dare Ewe , call name “DDare” and if all goes well, Maggie and Winn will welcome him home.

What I haven’t told too many people until I could do it without crying, is that Maggie is in the process of being diagnosed with lymphoma. On Tuesday her canine chiropractor noticed swollen lymph nodes. I was shocked—I have my hands on the dogs all the time, especially in high tick season, but Dr. Heather assured me they can blow up overnight. Since it was so sudden, I called her regular vet, and we got in a few hours later for a needle aspiration. While waiting for the lab results, Dr. Laurie arranged for a consult across town with an internal medicine vet. They were terrific and we had an appointment right away. Then, the cytology came back “suspicious” and so we opted to have them remove a lymph node, and now we’re again awaiting results so that we can get a diagnosis, and if necessary, start treatment right away. Maggie is asymptomatic, in fact she looks and feels great!

So on Friday, I spent the afternoon reading about training puppies, and then reading about treating cancer, until I filled my head. Quite the juxtaposition.

Maggie and I are all set to begin this new path. The good news is that this is a treatable cancer, with good odds for a lengthy remission. She’s otherwise healthy, a smaller dog, and FEMALE—all factors on her favor. And she is Maggie—this is no ordinary dog, after all! We are in it together. We’re ready to heal!

I am not fond of roller coasters, but have learned to not look anywhere but ahead when on that ride. I’m going to do my best to not look down during this one. I want all of you to help by keeping us in your thoughts, and think positive. Thanks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday night photos

Our new puppy is pictured here on the left with one of his sisters. In three weeks he'll arrive here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not the Puppy Channel

If you read the comments, I received one from the actual OWNER of the puppy channel. Who knew?
So Daniel, I did change the title of my WIDELY read blog--you see I have EIGHT whole followers. And by the way, I am not a literate gentleman. (that photo of me could have been a hint. Or do you all think I look like a gentleman?) And you cannot copyright a title. I assume that would pertain to a BLOG title. I could write a book and call it The Puppy Channel. Or a song. (I'll put them on my to-do list)

In any case it was not my intention to compete, directly or otherwise, with THE Puppy Channel.

Yours in cyberspace,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppy photos

That's what it feels like here, as we await new photos and news from Arizona, where the litter continues to thrive. It looks as though "Boy 3" will be coming to Minnesota in early June, and we're starting to take things seriously. The new crate arrived this morning. Winn looks up eagerly anytime one of us uses the "P" word, and at a recent trial, he was convinced we were there to pick up the new addition. Alas, although he made nice, the BC pups did not come home with us.

I'm reading, watching video, and trying to remember ANYTHING about 6 years ago when Winn was a puppy. Maggie is 11, I remember nothing. Repressed memories I think.Speaking of Maggie, she is being a good sport I think. It's a good thing dog can't roll their eyes, or hers would be permanently stuck.

The agility calendar is about to get even more full and we're looking forward to the outdoor season. The agility pitch here is green and lush and if it would stop raining we'd be out there! Allen has mowed and mowed between raindrops. We have materials to build more jumps, too.

I went to the second day of the AKC World Team Tryouts on Sunday. It's such an inspiring event, and I came home with some sequences to set up here. I don't have World Team aspirations but I want to be a better handler. I will be a Mushtown Road Team member! Very tough competition.
The Susan Perry seminar this week has been in aid of that, too. She is a great teacher and although I didn't "learn" anything new, I got great insights on a couple of handling challenges and took notes so I'll remember them. I think I am going to invent a wristband (like the QBs wear) and I'll have my little reminders there on the start line....want one? you know you do.

My big project at the moment is being trial chair for the 2011 CPE Nationals and I think I have the framework in place now, and a great group of people to do all the work involved. Just setting up the subcommittees took a lot of effort! We are very excited about hosting the event here though, and look forward to a truly wonderful event next June, 13 months from this weekend in fact.
So there you have it. I took a few minutes to update the blog, and post some corgi puppy photos. Back to the to-do list.