Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why This Happens, we wonder, or Poor Allen

So I am out of town for work, as quick a trip as I can manage and still spend a day each in Birmingham AL and Nashville TN. This is the first night Allen has been left "home alone" with everyone (by that I mean DDare. He has spent countless nights at home by himself for the past 35 years.)
He had to take Maggie up to Dr. Heather for acupuncture, and then to the vet clinic for her CBC. I wasn't worried about that but called home this afternoon between appointments to see if it had all gone smoothly. Maggie's trip was fine. The rest of the crew......
DDare woke him up at 2 am. Allen carried him down the stairs and outside where he: Threw up. Peed. Pooped "ferociously" (whatever that means, I didn't ask for details)

Winn woke him at 4 am. Threw up on the bed, then again on the (carpeted) floor.

Maggie slept.

He ran into our equine vet, Bruce, while at the clinic with Maggie, and described to him the sore foot symptoms that we have noticed in the "younger" horse, Jack. Jack is 22 and an easy keeper. Bruce told Allen to get a pasture muzzle NOW, as he suspects the beginning of laminitis which will worsen. Off to Fleet Farm Allen trekked. Couldn't decide on a size, so he bought two.
When he got home, he tried unsuccessfully to put the muzzle on Jack while in the pasture. Ha. Jack knows a bad deal when he sees it, and refused to stand still. So Allen let them (also Clay, aged 35 years or so) into the barn and got the muzzle fitted.
But then horses the refused to leave the barn. He'd get Clay out, but Clay missing Jack, he headed right back in. Allen tried to push Jack out, but (I suppose since he can't eat now and sees no point in doing the right thing) no luck. So there they stand. Allen is thoroughly disgusted.

This stuff never happens until I leave town. Or doesn't seem to. I can't explain it. The animals refuse to offer a reason. I'll be home tomorrow night.

Monday, August 09, 2010


I spent some time at Radio Shack on Saturday and then figured out how to upload video. The boys have provided lots of action, but this is my favorite (so far) because Maggie "The Ref" is sitting next to me on the couch, calling fouls and generally supervising, in her way. They didn't give her a black and white uniform for nothin'. After I stopped, she did jump down to freeze the play, inspect the team, and leave the room, muttering.


Monday, August 02, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

So, one day last week Winn woke up and decided that DDare was now old enough to be a suitable playmate! They have been wrasslin' ever since. Maggie is the official referee and periodically stops play. After a quick check by her of their bodies, usually their bellies, play is allowed to resume....

And a great shot from class. Restrained recall is a favorite.